Considering that a new home ranks among the best gifts, sellers should bear in mind that their buyer prospects remain strong over the holidays. If you’re adding a “For Sale” sign to your home’s outdoor holiday decorations this season, bring cheer inside your home to attract buyers.

“Some buyers use their days off around the holidays to ramp up their home search,” said Robin Peterson, president of Coldwell Banker Burnet. “These buyers are just as serious about finding a house as finding gifts for those on their list.”

Here are a few tips on how to showcase your home during the holidays:

Accessorize with decorations. Bear in mind that not all home shoppers are celebrating the same holiday as you. Keep holiday decorations as a seasonal accent so buyers see the home, not just the adornments.

Be flexible. With holidays falling on various days for buyers, you may need to accommodate their schedule and show your home at odd hours.

Clean it up. Prospective buyers will be entering your house – along with their shoes, tracking in elements of the weather including mud, snow and salt. Remember to keep your driveway, porches and walkways free of snow and ice.

A cozy nest. Make your home as warm and inviting as possible this time of year. Lit fireplaces, seasonal floral arrangements and snacks will help buyers picture themselves spending the holidays there with their own family some day.

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