How To Sell Your Home Today

If you’ve turned on the news recently, you may have heard the words “real estate” and “buyer’s market.” Have the sellers been forgotten? While today’s housing market is attractive for buyers, many sellers are unaware of the opportunities and incentives available.
“The real estate market today may feel very different from what it was several years ago, but the reasons for moving haven’t change,” said Robin Peterson, president of Coldwell Banker Burnet. “Families continue to expand and shrink, and a new job can demand a new home. Sellers just need to consider how their property can appeal to today’s breed of buyer and their housing expectations.”
Here are some real estate absolutes for home sellers today.
• Price it right. According to recent housing reports, the playing field is leveling for buyers and sellers in terms of availability and price. Your Realtor has knowledge of your community, other sellers in the area, prospective buyers, and the market rates, to offer a realistic picture of where your home needs to be priced to sell.
• Clean it up. In an HGTV-world with brilliant flat-screen televisions, finished basements, and bathrooms that look as if they’ve never been used; your home must be in show-ready condition to compete. Keep your home picture perfect for buyers who need to be “wowed.”
• Try transparency. Even fashionistas are becoming more frugal, so provide prospective buyers with loads of information, such as details about utilities, home improvements, repair work, and recent cleanings. Also tout any green trimmings your home has to offer including energy efficient appliances, insulation or windows. Being transparent about how your home is budget-conscious can set your property apart from the rest.

Information courtesy of Coldwell Banker Burnet

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