Simplicity is key when tweaking your decor for potential buyers. While fancy, exotic, and even custom decorations are a wonderful personal investment in your home, keep in mind that your aesthetic choices may not appeal to those who are trying to envision themselves living there.

“Decorating your home for sale is about simplifying to create a clean palette for the wide variety of people you may draw in to view your home,¨ said Robin Peterson, president of Coldwell Banker Burnet. “You want the home to be desirable to many different tastes.¨

Here are a few tips to get your home decor in line for sale:

Promote your home, not yourself. Photos of your charming family and cute kids can actually seem intrusive to potential buyers. Opt to present the family-friendly aspects of the home subtly with tidy playrooms and an organized kitchen.

De-clutter for impact. Take the “less is more¨ approach when it comes to your decorating choices. Remove furniture, clear shelf space and revamp closet organization to help each room in your home look and feel bigger to potential buyers. This also allows those who tour your home to imagine what they could do with the space.

Keep it functional. It may have been convenient for you to use the dining room as an office, but buyers may not appreciate your ingenuity. If you’ve dramatically altered the function of a room, consider re-staging it before it goes on the market. Buyers need to be able judge how their life will fit into your home. That will be difficult if you are using the spare bedroom as a billiards room.

Information Courtesy of Coldwell Banker Burnet

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